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Ovulation induction

Ovulation induction represents different methods of ovary stimulation with the purpose of maturation of one or several ovules for conception in natural way. This procedure is conducted as a rule by ultrasound control of follicle growth in the ovary and development of uterus mucous tunic.

Different hormonal medications (antiestrogens, stopping agents, female sexual hormones etc.) can be used in this treatment method.

Ovulation induction method is recommended by ovule maturation disfunction, by prolonged first phase of menstrual cycle, slowed-down ovule maturation, luteine phase insufficiency and other factors of endocrine infertility.

Ovulation induction is often connected with the method of intrauterus insemination.

Efficiency of ovulation induction method makes up from 10 to 20% for one cycle or 40-60% by several (3-6) cycles of treatment (in case if there are no other infertility causes).

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