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Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Intauterine insemination (IUI) can be carried out by inserting sperm into the uterus cavity. Procedure is possible in the natural menstrual cycle as well as with ovarian stimulation .

Recommendations for Intrauterine insemination by donor’s sperm:
from the side of husband:
- infertility;
- ejaculate or sexual disorders;
- unfavorable medical and genetic prognosis;
from the side of wife:
-absence of a partner.

Recommendations for Intrauterine insemination by spouse’s sperm:
from the side of husband:
- unfertile sperm;
- ejaculate or sexual disorders
from the side of wife:
- cervical factor of infertility;
- vaginism.

Contraindications for insemination:
from the side of wife:
- somatic and mental disorders, which represent contraindications for pregnancy;
- malformations and uterus pathology which make pregnancy impossible;
- tumors and tumor-like formations in the ovary;
- malignant new formations of any localization;
- acute infectious diseases of any localization.

IUI methodics:
Decision on using either the spouse’s or donor’s sperm is taken by the patients taking into consideration recommendations of a doctor, which depend on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of ejaculate.

IUI can be implemented either in natural cycle or by using ovarian stimulation.

IUI is carried out in preovulatory period.  Previously prepared or crioconcervated spouse’s sperm as well as crioconcervated donor’s sperm can be used for insemination, The number or insemination attempts is defined by the doctor.

Possible complications by conducting insemination:
- allergic reaction connected with injecting medications for ovulation stimulation;
- shock-like reaction by injecting the sperm to the uterus cavity;
- ovule hyperstimulation syndrome;
- acute inflammation or intensification of chronic inflammation of female sexual organs;
- polycarpic or ectopic pregnancy.

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