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Goodmorning, I have some question about IVF: 1. Is it possible to do it for a single? 2....

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Jordi Gil
19 april 2016

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am Jordi Gil and I am partner of an international consultancy firm in Asia.

Lately due to the nature and variety of our services and the people who interact with us, we have been asked about surrogation services. So, we are launching in the next weeks a company based in China that will offer international solutions for those who want to have children and for any reason can't have by themselves.

The reason I am contacting your company is because I would like to speak to someone about how we could collaborate in this scenario I just introduced.

I look forward to hearing form you.


Jordi Gil
Partner YouMe Invest

Telf. Europe: 0034 665265023
Email: info@youmeinvest.com | gilgarc@hotmail.com
Skype: gilgarc or gilgarc@hotmail.com